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Basic knowledge for beginners to learn makeup

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It’s very important for beginners to learn how to learn makeup. It’s important to master makeup knowledge. Makeup is not something you can learn in two days. It is mainly based on “practice makes perfect”. Learning makeup should be done step by step. I don’t know what to do and hurt my study

Interest in makeup, the following are the basic essentials that beginners must understand and master to learn makeup.

1: What is makeup

The so-called make-up refers to the use of cosmetics and make-up tools, and the use of rules and techniques to render the face, facial features and other parts of the person.

Dyeing, drawing, and finishing, enhance the three-dimensional impression, adjust the shape and color, conceal defects, and express the spirit, so as to achieve the purpose of becoming more beautiful.

2: Master the knowledge of makeup

1. Foundation; 2. Eye makeup; 3. Thrush; 4. Cheeks; 5. Lip makeup (How to draw lip makeup)

3: understand makeup tools

Professional makeup tools include: powder puff, solid or liquid foundation, water bottle, makeup powder, finger rest, eyebrow pencil, correction pen, eye shadow, makeup cake,

Makeup brushes (contour brush, eyebrow brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush), blush, lip gloss lipstick, false eyelashes, mascara, eyelash curler, eyelash glue, eyebrow

Clips, eyebrow scissors, eyebrow trimmers, lip liner, eyebrow cakes, etc.

4: Different makeup for different occasions

In the process of learning makeup, you need to apply different makeup on different occasions, whether it is solemn or simple, all have their different characteristics:

1. Informal occasions;

2. Professional occasions;

3. Dating occasions

5: the basic knowledge that beginners learn makeup must-see

1. First cultivate the ability of aesthetic appreciation

Continuously cultivating your aesthetic appreciation ability is a time-consuming thing, and it requires you to continue to learn in culture and art.

2. To master the four elements of makeup

Experience and master the four major elements of make-up "correctness, accuracy, and harmony", and follow these elements to take your successful make-up steps.

3. Be sure to cleanse the skin before makeup

Make-up should be based on the best possible skin condition. The skin should be clean and clean, maintain good finish and moisture, otherwise the makeup will not float

A clean or rough skin surface cannot produce good makeup beauty.

4. Keep cosmetics clean at all times

The product must be clean. Whether it is foundation or lipstick or eye shadow, if it is contaminated or has exceeded its expiration date, its delicateness and color will be affected

The effect of makeup can not be guaranteed for the larger impact.

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