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Cleaning and maintenance of single mirror.

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Cosmetic mirrors have been made and used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand makeup mirrors. In this article, I will introduce to a certain extent the knowledge of makeup mirrors, including some knowledge of single mirrors. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.



Cleaning and maintenance of single mirror.

The cosmetic mirror products provided by the company.


Cleaning and maintenance of single mirror.

Single mirror is a classification of mirrors, mainly referring to small mirrors that are exquisite in shape and easy to carry. The main difference between a single mirror and a mirror is that both single mirrors have a magnifying surface of different proportions. This makes it easier for the makeup artist to see the subtleties of the part being photographed.

Single mirror cleaning: relatively simple, generally wipe the mirror surface with a damp cloth to clean up the dust. If there are some other stains, it can be cleaned with detergent and then wiped dry. The effect of newspaper is better.

If it is a general single mirror, wipe it directly with water (or alcohol), and after the surface is dry, wipe off the white matter (formed by the minerals in the water left on the mirror surface) with a soft napkin.

But if it is a general anti-fog single mirror (without waterproof function), you must be careful not to wipe it with water. Be careful when wiping the coated anti-fog mirror, do not use too much force, and be careful to wipe off the anti-fog coating.

Maintenance of the single mirror: often clean up the dust and keep the mirror clean and bright. Since it is used for makeup, avoid splashing some cosmetics on the mirror surface to form stains. In addition, as a fragile product, the single mirror must avoid strong collisions and scratches with sharp objects.

Single mirrors are afraid of moisture, because single mirror glass is generally cut before use. Water vapor will easily enter the mirror surface from the side cut by the glass knife, corrode the mirror surface, and produce mildew and rust spots. So pay attention to moisture-proof when using single mirror.


The cosmetic mirror products provided by the company.

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