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Eyebrow trimmer how to use

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To use an eyebrow trimmer, Esha professional eyebrow trimmer manufacturer suggests follow these steps:

1. Start by making sure your eyebrow trimmer is clean and sanitized.

2. Brush your eyebrows upward using a clean eyebrow brush or spoolie. This will help you see the shape of your eyebrows and the areas that need trimming.

3. Trim any excessively long hairs by holding the trimmer at an angle and gently running it along the top of your brow line. Be cautious not to trim too much, as it may result in uneven or overly thin eyebrows.

4. Next, trim the hairs beneath your eyebrow to remove any strays or to create a clean and defined shape. Hold the trimmer parallel to your skin and carefully run it along the bottom of your brow line.

5. Continue trimming any stray hairs until you achieve your desired shape and thickness. Remember to step back occasionally to assess the overall appearance and symmetry of your eyebrows.

6. After trimming, use the spoolie or eyebrow brush again to groom the hairs into place and remove any loose trimming debris.

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