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How to choose the right makeup brush

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Choosing the right makeup brush should start with the bristles of the makeup brush. The bristles of natural animal hair will be a little more expensive than the bristles of man-made fiber, but the life span will be longer, and the skin will be lighter and softer to use.


It’s a bit simpler. Brushes are specifically divided into animal hair and fiber hair brushes. Animal hair is more suitable for applying dry powder. The makeup effect is more natural than fiber hair. However, animal hair brushes are not resistant to cleaning and cleaning is prone to bristles. If it is damaged, beginners must choose carefully when choosing brushes. Generally, the bristles with too low price are of poor hair quality, and the makeup brushes that are too expensive are very distressing for money and are unwilling to buy.


The fiber hair brush is very elastic, and the current technology can be made as soft as animal hair. It should be the first choice for beginners who have just started to learn makeup. At present, most base makeup brushes are fiber hair because Most of the base makeup is liquid and cream, animal hair is easy to stain and difficult to clean, which is also the biggest drawback.


According to different parts and makeup requirements, makeup brushes can be divided into foundation brushes, concealer brushes, loose powder brushes, and eye contour brushes. In the eye makeup area, there can also be eye blending brushes, eyeliner brushes, eyebrow brushes and lips. Brush, highlight brush and shadow brush.

Regardless of the type of makeup brush, the most basic thing is to prepare a foundation brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush and loose powder brush, to create a perfect makeup look. When choosing, try to choose the soft bristles that suits you best. .

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