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How to place and maintain makeup tools?

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The quality of makeup tools is directly related to the effect of your makeup. If your tools are broken and rotten, do you think the painted makeup will look good? Therefore, everybody must pay attention to the maintenance and care of makeup tools in daily makeup, and replace damaged tools in time.

Makeup Tools Lip Brush

After each use of the lip brush, wipe off any excess lipstick on the lip brush with a tissue. If you are using a different color of lipstick, dip the lip cleanser on a paper towel and scrub the lip brush carefully, and then wipe it again with a paper towel dipped in water. Since the hair of the lip brush is easy to fall off, be careful not to use too much force when cleaning.

Eyebrow brush and eyelash comb

After each use of the eyelash comb, wipe off the remaining mascara with a paper towel. No other cleaning procedures are required. The bristles of the eyebrow brush are harder and easier to clean. If you feel that the eyebrow brush is particularly dirty, wash it with soap. At this time, you can use an eyelash comb to remove the dirt between the bristles of the eyebrow brush.

Eyelash curler for makeup tools

Wipe off the dirt with paper after each use. If the rubber pad on the eyelash curler is aging, cracked or broken, you must replace it with a new one immediately, otherwise it will clip the eyelashes and cause damage to the eyelashes.

Sponge for makeup tools

The sponge used for applying foundation should be changed to the clean side every time you make-up. You can divide a piece of sponge into the left side of the surface, the right side of the surface, the left side of the inside, and the right side of the inside. Use one part at a time, and wash it thoroughly with soap after 4 times of use. When the sponge is used, it becomes damp because it absorbs the moisture in the foundation, and it is easy to cause a large number of bacteria to multiply. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the skin carefully to ensure the safety and health of the skin. If the touch with the skin becomes bad after frequent washing, and the edges are broken, it is time to replace the sponge.

Powder puff for makeup tools

The puff should keep the surface fluffy and don't make the surface hard. If you lose the soft touch during use, you need to wash it with soap. The puff that will come after you just bought it also needs to be clear before use, so that the skin feels soft and comfortable. After the puff is cleaned, do not wring it with your hands, wrap it with a towel and wring out the excess water, and then dry it thoroughly in the shade. If the puff becomes hard after it dries, rub it gently with your hands. If the puff cannot recover its elasticity and becomes hard no matter how you rub it, you should replace it with a new one.

Sponge stick for makeup tools

The cleaning method and the state that needs to be replaced are the same as the sponge.

Makeup Brushes

If it is a cosmetic brush made of natural hair, wipe it off with a paper towel immediately after each use. If you want to change the color of makeup powder, dip the makeup brush in enough transparent powder, then gently shake it off. After dipping it several times, wipe it off with a paper towel. Generally, wash it once every 3 to 6 months. When cleaning the makeup brush, put a small amount of shampoo in warm water, gently rinse the makeup brush in the water, after washing it, take care of it with conditioner, and then rinse it off with water. Wrapping the brush with a towel and wringing it dry, tidy the bristles to make it soft, and then dry it in the shade. After drying, gently rub the bristles with your hands, and flick with your fingers to restore the fluffy state. If it is well maintained, it can be used for a long time.

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