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Introduction of eyebrow razors.

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After a man grows a beard, he will use a razor, and the razor can also be used in other ways. Some knowledge about razors introduced in this article hope to help you.

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Introduction of eyebrow razors.

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Introduction of eyebrow razors.

Safety eyebrow razor: It consists of a blade and a hoe-shaped knife holder. The knife holder is made of aluminum, stainless steel, copper or plastic, etc.; the blade is made of stainless steel, carbon steel, in order to be sharp and durable, the cutting edge is mostly treated with metal or chemical coating. When in use, the blade is installed on the knife holder, and the handle of the knife holder can be shaving. There are two types of safety eyebrow razors, one is to install a double-edged blade on the blade holder; the other is to install two single-edged blades on the blade holder. When shaving with the former eyebrow razor, the user needs to adjust the contact angle between the blade edge and the beard to ensure the shaving effect.

The latter kind of knife holder has a longer handle, and the blades are installed on the knife holder in parallel in two layers. During shaving, the head of the blade holder can rotate with the face shape on the pivot on the upper part of the blade holder, so that the blade edge maintains a good shaving angle; and, after the front blade pulls out the root of the beard, it is immediately The rear blade is cut from the root. Using this eyebrow razor to shave your beard is cleaner and more comfortable than the previous one.

Electric eyebrow razor: The electric eyebrow razor is composed of a stainless steel mesh cover, an inner blade, a micro motor and a shell. The net cover is the fixed outer blade, and there are many holes on it, and the beard can be inserted into the hole. The micro-motor is driven by electric energy to drive the inner blade to move, and uses the principle of shearing to cut the beard extending into the hole. According to the action characteristics of the inner blade, the electric eyebrow razor can be divided into two types: rotary and reciprocating. The power sources used include dry batteries, accumulators, and AC charging.

Mechanical eyebrow razor: Use the mechanical energy storage mechanism to drive the blade to shave the beard. There are two types, one is equipped with a rotator inside, which uses the energy of the mainspring to rotate the rotator at a high speed when the mainspring is released, and drives the blade to shave; the other is equipped with a gyroscope inside, with a pull wire wrapped around it to pull Pull the wire, and the gyroscope will drive the blade to shave.

The cosmetic tool products provided by the company.

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