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Introduction of facial cleanser.

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With the rise of the skin care and beauty industry, facial cleansers have appeared in the public's field of vision. At the same time, facial cleansers have been produced and used by many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand facial cleansers. This article will introduce the knowledge of facial cleanser to a certain extent. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.

facial cleanser

  • What is a facial cleanser?

  • How to use the facial cleanser.

  • The facial cleanser products provided by the company.

What is a facial cleanser?

The cleansing device is also called a facial cleansing brush. It mainly uses the principle of ultrasonic waves to vibrate the fine hairs on the cleansing brush to achieve an efficient and non-irritating cleansing and massage effect. It can help the facial cleanser to form a high-density uniform foam, thoroughly clean the face, and achieve the effect of beauty and health care.

Facial cleansing device is the latest cleansing method that has emerged in recent years. After cleaning, the cleansing device is placed on the wireless charger, and the brush head can be dried through the built-in drying system, so that consumers will still use the clean brush head next time. Coupled with the non-porous design, it is easy to clean and prevents the breeding of bacteria, fungi, mites and other pathogens. Reasonable use of cleansing device can help improve skin pores and blackheads.

How to use the facial cleanser.

The pressure of the facial cleanser should not be too strong, and it is advisable to touch the cheek lightly.

Can not be used frequently, it can be used 2-3 times a week according to the skin condition. Also, it’s not that the longer you use it, the better. Under normal circumstances, wash your face and brush for 1-3 minutes each time.

Because the fine-bristle brush head is thick and slender, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. After cleaning, you must remember to drain the water and place it in a ventilated and dry place, so as to completely prevent the growth of bacteria. The silicone brush head is relatively convenient.

Like a toothbrush, the fine-bristle brush head needs to be changed every 3 months.

Facial cleansing products are provided by our company.

Our company (Esha Co., Ltd.) has a wide range of products. It mainly includes makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, eyeliner pencils, makeup sponges, razors, cosmetic bags, nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, facial cleansers, etc. Among them, there are many types of facial cleansers, and the existing silicone facial cleansers. You can come to our company to view cleansing products. If there is a cleanser product that suits your needs, you can buy it. We will provide you with the best products and services.

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