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Introduction of nail clippers.

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Since childhood, many people have used nail clippers, but do you really know how to use nail clippers? This article will introduce some knowledge related to nail clippers, I hope it will be helpful to you when browsing.

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  • Introduction of nail clippers.

  • The nail clippers provided by the company.

Introduction of nail clippers.

Nail clippers, also known as nail clippers and nail clippers, were invented by the American Voss Foucault in the 1930s. It is a personal care product, mainly used for trimming nails and toenails. Most of the nail clippers are made of metal and use the principle of leverage. The user only needs to press the end of the forceps to easily cut the nail through the sharp front end.

Nail clippers, also known as nail clippers, nail clippers, lever principle, operation, users only need to apply force to press the end of the pliers, the nail can be easily cut through the sharp front end. There are many styles of nail clippers nowadays. There are generally larger ones with a nail file attached, and some are smaller and lighter that can be used as a key holder. Some are even printed with cartoon patterns on the nail clippers.

According to the age of the user, it is divided into: adult nail clippers and baby nail clippers.

According to the shape of the front section, it is divided into flat-headed nail clippers and beveled nail clippers.

Multi-function type: Integrate the functions of mobile phone holder, nail clippers and bottle opener. Commonly known as mobile phone holder nail clippers.

Take the company' s nail clippers, splash-proof nail clippers: nail clippers with catchers and toe nails. With this splash-free nail clippers, you can cut your nails at will on the bed or on the sofa without worrying about nail chips splashing around. Can help you keep your room clean. Sharp and precise cutting: The sharp and precise blades of large and small nail clippers provide very precise cutting without breaking, pulling or tearing the nail.

Product features: multi-dimensional and labor-saving design

Angle: The angle between the fader body and the cover is 45°.

Length: The scientific length ratio of the scissors body and the lid.

Weight: Scientific weight handle.

Sharp and precise blades: curved edges, precision professional blades made of zinc alloy materials to trim nails, sharp enough to fit thick nails.

The nail clippers provided by the company.

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