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Introduction of single mirror.

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Cosmetic mirrors have been made and used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand makeup mirrors. In this article, I will introduce to a certain extent the knowledge of makeup mirrors, including some knowledge of single mirrors. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.

single mirrors

Introduction of single mirror.

The cosmetic mirror products provided by the company.

Introduction of single mirror.

Single mirror is a classification of mirrors, mainly referring to small mirrors that are exquisite in shape and easy to carry. The main difference between a single mirror and a mirror is that both single mirrors have a magnifying surface of different proportions. This makes it easier for the makeup artist to see the subtleties of the part being photographed. A mirror is an object with a smooth surface and the ability to reflect light.

Imaging principle: Whether it is a flat mirror or a non-flat mirror (concave mirror or convex mirror), light will be reflected by the mirror in accordance with the law of reflection, and the reflected light can form vision in the retina after entering the eye. On a flat mirror, when a parallel beam of light hits the mirror, the whole body will change its direction in a parallel mode, and the image at this time is the same as the image seen by the eye.

Gift meaning:

1. Make-up mirror and single mirror! The mirror is unspoken, and the heart is corresponding. Both the gift and the receiver will be remembered. The received will be put in the bag every day for makeup and makeup. I want the other party to forget It is very difficult who gave it to her, especially in festivals that can create a very good emotional atmosphere.

2. Emotions are rich, so the design of the single mirror is also colorful. If you send it to your parents and elders, choose the elegant and classical style. If you send it to your lover and girlfriend, you can choose the romantic style. If you send it to the younger generation, you can choose a lively and cute style. Choose the white elegant style for the wedding bride. If you are lonely and appreciate yourself, choose your favorite style. The makeup mirror single mirror has surpassed its own function and has become a romantic carrier of beautiful emotions.

The cosmetic mirror products provided by the company.

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