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Introduction of tweezers.

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Tweezers have been made and used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand tweezers. In this article, we will introduce the relevant knowledge of tweezers to a certain extent, including the precautions for the use of tweezers. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.


  • Introduction of tweezers.

  • Tweezers products provided by the company.

Introduction of tweezers.

Tweezers are a kind of tool used to grasp lumps of medicines, metal particles, hair, thorns and other small things. It can also be used to repair mobile phones, using it to clamp wires, components and integrated circuit pins.

Different tweezers are required for different occasions. Generally, one pair of straight, flat, and elbow tweezers should be prepared. The tweezers used in chemistry must not be heated or clamped with acidic chemicals, and must be kept clean after use.

Tweezers are divided into: 1. Stainless steel tweezers 2. Anti-static plastic tweezers 3. Bamboo tweezers 4. Medical tweezers 5. Purification tweezers 6. Wafer tweezers 7. Anti-static tweezers with interchangeable heads 8. Stainless steel anti-static tweezers.

Medical tweezers belong to surgical medical machinery, especially tweezers. A medical forceps includes a forceps head, a forceps rod, and a handle, and is characterized in that the forceps rod is a straight rod with the same thickness. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, can increase the use range of the tweezers, and can easily grasp objects or tissues in narrow and long parts.

Take the company's tweezers as an example. This is a uniquely designed eyebrow tweezers, with an animal design, cute and cute, and a girl's favorite eyebrow tool. Tweezers can help shape the perfect eyebrows, and are very suitable for beginners and professionals in any situation.


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Tweezers products provided by the company.

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