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Introduction to eyeliner guide.

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Many girls who love beauty pay much attention to the depiction of eyeliner when applying makeup. But it is not perfect to draw eyeliner purely by hand, so I will borrow some tools to help the eyeliner finish. In this article, I will introduce the knowledge of the eyeliner guide to a certain extent. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.

  • Introduction of eyeliner guide.

  • The eyeliner guide product provided by the company.

Introduction to eyeliner guide.

Eyeliner, also known as eyelash line, is a specific aesthetic structure formed by the arrangement of the roots of the eyelashes on the front lip of the upper and lower eyelids. The eyeliner guide is not the inherent anatomy and physiological structure of the eye, but its appearance and shape changes can adjust the cleft and eye shape, so it has a certain meaning in eye aesthetics.

The method of drawing eyeliner is to use the eyeliner guide and liquid eyeliner together, so that the tip of the eye can be extended by 2-3mm, and different eyeliner guides and drawing methods can be selected according to different requirements and collocations.

Different from drawing eyeliner, after determining the ideal shape, dip a special material on the text. You can choose a variety of colors for your eyebrows according to the color of your hair, but you can only choose black for your eyeliner. Choose the position of the eyeliner accurately. Once the text is written, the shape cannot be changed and the color cannot be removed. Compared with drawing eyeliner, the styling eyeliner guide is more durable and saves makeup time, but it has higher requirements for the design and operation of the eyeliner.

1. Eyeliner guide

Advantages: Eyeliner is the most traditional tool for drawing eyeliner. The color selection is more comprehensive, and the coloring is easier. In addition, because the refill is harder, it is easier to operate, which is especially suitable for beginners.

Disadvantages: It is not easy to grasp the thickness of the lines when drawing, so sometimes it looks unnatural and it is easy to faint and take off makeup, which greatly increases the chance of panda eyes.

2. Guide to Liquid Eyeliner guide

Advantages: texture, clear lines, long-lasting makeup effect, not easy to smudge.

Disadvantages: Because it is a liquid, it is difficult to use and requires frequent practice.

The eyeliner guide products provided by the company.

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