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The benefits and duration of facial massage rollers.

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Facial massage rollers have been manufactured and used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand the facial massage rollers. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of facial massage rollers to a certain extent. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.

facial message roller

  • The benefits and duration of facial massage rollers.

  • Facial care products provided by the company.

The benefits and duration of facial massage rollers.

The facial massage roller itself has almost no harm to the face. However, when using facial massage rollers to massage the face, if the force is too strong, it may cause local skin pain, redness, and swelling, and even skin breakage. In addition, when using the facial massage roller roller massage, you should follow the direction of lymph from the inside to the outside, which can dredge the lymph circulation, promote the circulation of blood in the face, reduce edema, accelerate the absorption of facial fat, and achieve the effect of face-lifting. The intensity of the massage should be gentle and gentle, about ten minutes each time, if the massage time is too long, it will cause the facial swelling to increase.

Facial massage rollers are used every day after washing your face. Press one or two times a day. Press in the morning and evening, about 10 minutes each time. Too long or too much force may bruise the face, causing local redness, swelling and pain. If you use facial massage rollers to shave your face and consider that it may cause swelling due to local damage, it is recommended to apply local cold compresses in time and use blood-activating anti-inflammatory drugs for observation.

Using facial massage rollers will indeed have a certain effect on the swelling and relaxation of the face. It can promote metabolism, improve facial edema, and shrink underdeveloped facial muscles. However, we must also be aware of this. This is done manually, with little power consumption and slower results. You must persist for a long time to see the effect.


First, if the massage technique is not correct, the skin may become looser. Second, if you massage without washing your hands, it is easy to bring bacteria to your face and cause skin infections, which can easily lead to acne.

Facial care products are provided by our company.

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