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The correct steps for winter makeup

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Make-up is a compulsory course. Every girl learns to make herself more beautiful and feminine. However, winter is a very painful season for girls. Not only does the skin become dry and red, but there is always something missing on the face. So what are the makeup steps for winter? How is it natural?

Clean skin, skin care

This is a step not to be lazy. In winter, you must thoroughly clean your skin before makeup. After cleaning, apply lotion or nourishing cream, and then apply lotion.

Rub foundation

Then apply the foundation, and then gently push from the inside to the outside until it is even. When applying the foundation, you can choose a combination of several colors of foundation to create a three-dimensional effect, so that the makeup look is more perfect.

Cover blemishes with concealer

At this time, concealer can be used to correct some blemishes on the face. The concealer used is recommended to choose a product with a slightly lighter color than the skin color. You can apply the concealer on the dark circles and spots. Remember, the amount does not need to be too much. Oh!

Paint eye makeup

The eye makeup is done. This is a very important one. When applying eye makeup, you can apply highlight makeup, so that you can make your face small. When applying eye makeup, first brush the eyebrows and then draw the eyebrows.

Eyelash curling

After brushing the eyebrows, you can curl the eyelashes. First use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes. When curling, start from the root of the eyelashes and then slowly move outward. Repeat the operation several times, as long as you see the eyelashes curl to yourself Satisfaction is OK, and finally a little mascara.

Lip shape

First apply a layer of lip balm, then choose your favorite lipstick color, then choose a lip pencil that is similar to the lipstick color, draw your favorite lip shape, and finally use a lip brush to dip the lipstick and fill the lips.


When applying blush, use a special blush brush. Dip a little blush powder and apply it on the upper part of the cheek. Then, use the brush to gently and evenly brush the face with the excess powder. Not when applying blush Ignore the retouching effects of other parts of the face.

Loose powder

After applying the blush, you can apply the powder. After applying the powder, you can also bounce off the excess powder, and then apply the powder around the eyes, next to the nose, and next to the mouth in order.

Warm-toned makeup can drive away the cold winter wind. A perfect makeup, a pair of gorgeous nails, and a relaxing SPA in this prone to quiet and sluggish season...can enhance the sense of well-being slowly, although only on the surface. of.

Snowy, so pure, I hope you can all become little princesses in fairy tales and find your own prince charming! Just like Han Xiang Mei Ya's slogan "Cure your beauty", to achieve better women.

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