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The purchase of LED light mirror.

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Cosmetic mirrors have been made and used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand makeup mirrors. In this article, to a certain extent, we will introduce some knowledge about makeup mirrors, including some knowledge about LED light mirrors. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.

LED light mirror

The purchase of LED light mirror.

Maintenance of LED light mirror.

The cosmetic mirror products provided by the company.

The purchase of LED light mirror.

The LED light mirror is a makeup mirror with LED light beads, generally there are 2 to 8 LED light beads.

1. Look at the back. You can look at the back of the LED light mirror, there are silver gray and red. The red one is better and won't fade over time.

2. Look at the reflective effect. Illuminate the LED light mirror in a bright place, and the reflection is good.

3. Look at the appearance. Observe the LED light mirror from multiple angles from the front, back and side. Generally, when looking at the LED light mirror, people only pay attention to the direct image of themselves in the mirror, and don't pay special attention to the straight objects in the mirror in the distance. At this time, you can slightly move the lower line of sight. If the straight object is not bent or deformed, it proves that this is a good-quality mirror.

4. Check whether the LED light mirror itself is deformed or discolored. Check whether there is lining paper and backing at the mercury back of the LED light mirror. If there is no backing or lining paper, the mercury will be worn away.

Maintenance of LED light mirror.

1. After using the LED light mirror, wipe the fingerprints and stains with the soft cloth provided in time to keep the product fresh.

2. When the LED light mirror is not in use, it can be placed in a flannel bag to isolate the air and prevent oxidation.

3. Try to avoid scratching with hard objects to avoid scratches on the lens body.

The cosmetic mirror products provided by the company.

Our company (Foshan Aisha) has a wide range of products. It mainly includes makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, eyeliner, makeup sponge, razor, etc. Among them, there are many types of LED light mirrors, including independent 5 times magnification LED light mirrors and so on. You can come to our company to check the LED light mirror products. If there is an LED light mirror product that suits your needs, you can buy it. We will provide you with the best LED light mirror products and services.

If you want to buy LED light mirrors and other products, you can consider our company (Foshan Aisha). Welcome to our company to buy LED light mirror products, we will provide you with the best LED light mirror products and services. We look forward to your visit. Finally, I wish you success at work, good health and a happy family.

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