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The use and maintenance of eyebrow razors.

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Makeup tools have been used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand makeup tools. In this article, I will introduce to a certain extent the knowledge of cosmetic tools, including some knowledge of eyebrow razors. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.

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The use and maintenance of eyebrow razors.

The cosmetic tool products provided by the company.

The use and maintenance of eyebrow razors.

The correct use of electric eyebrow razors can not only obtain satisfactory shaving results, but also ensure safe use and prolong the service life of electric eyebrow razors.

(1) Generally, it is not suitable to shave when the beard is too long. If the beard is too long, it is best to use a dual-purpose electric eyebrow razor with a trimmer. Or use small scissors to roughly cut the beard shorter, and then use a eyebrow razor for better results.

(2) Dry the face first and then shave it. It is best to use your fingers to tighten the facial skin slightly, touch the skin along the direction at right angles to the beard, and gently move the electric eyebrow razor in a circle.

(3) People with allergic physique, as well as when the body is fatigued, when there are wine thorns, swelling sores on the face, and the skin has fever, itching or rash, etc., it is not suitable to use an electric eyebrow razor.

(4) When installing and disassembling the electric eyebrow razor, be sure to disconnect the power supply, stop the motor rotation or electromagnetic vibration, otherwise, there is a danger of being cut. Due to the sharp edge of the inner knife, special attention should be paid when installing and disassembling. .

(5) The cutting edges and pores of the inner and outer knives are easy to hide shavings and dander, so you should try to clean them with a small brush after each use. Because the solidification of shavings and skin oil will hinder the movement and sharpness of the blade, it is necessary to frequently remove the debris remaining on the blade.

(6) Since the outer knife is thin, do not push it with a big knife to avoid deformation. Once deformed, it will hinder the rotation of the inner knife or cut the skin during use. If the cutting edge is deformed and damaged, it should not be used again, otherwise there will be a danger of cuts.

(7) For the electric eyebrow razor of the carbon brush motor, the time of each use should not be too long. Otherwise, the carbon brush and commutator of the motor will be worn out, so that the rotating force will be weakened.

The cosmetic tool products provided by the company.

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