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What scissors do hairdressers use

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What Scissors Do Hairdressers Use

Hairdressing is a skilled art that requires the use of specific tools to achieve desired results.    One of the most important tools for hairdressers is a pair of scissors.    However, not all scissors are created equal, and professional hairdressers have specific types of scissors that they prefer to use.

Designed For Cutting Hair

Hairdressers use a type of scissors known as hair cutting scissors or shears.    These scissors are specifically designed for cutting hair and have unique features that make them ideal for this purpose.    Hair cutting scissors are typically longer than regular scissors, which allows hairdressers to have more control over their cuts.    The length of the scissors also helps in sections where longer hair needs to be cut in one go.

Blades Of Hair Cutting Scissors

The blades of hair cutting scissors are sharp and made of high-quality stainless steel.    This ensures that the scissors can easily and effortlessly glide through the hair without pulling or snagging.    The sharp blades also allow hairdressers to make clean, precise cuts, resulting in well-defined hairstyles.

Ergonomic Design

Another important feature of hair cutting scissors is the ergonomic design.    Hairdressers spend long hours cutting and styling hair, so it is crucial for their scissors to be comfortable to hold.    The handles of hair cutting scissors are usually designed with a finger rest to provide added comfort and reduce hand fatigue.    This ergonomic design enables hairdressers to work with ease and precision for extended periods.

Different Types Of Scissors

Different hair cutting techniques require different types of scissors.    For example, thinning scissors are used to create texture and remove bulk from thick hair.    These scissors have teeth-like notches on one blade, allowing hair to slide through easily while cutting off some hair strands.    Thinning scissors help to achieve a more layered look and reduce volume.

Razor-Edge Scissors

Another type of scissors commonly used by hairdressers is the razor-edge scissors.    These scissors have a unique design that allows hairdressers to effortlessly slice through the hair at an angle, adding movement and softness to the overall hairstyle.    Razor-edge scissors are often used for creating feathered or textured hairstyles.


Hairdressers use specific types of scissors known as hair cutting scissors or shears.    These scissors are specially designed for cutting hair and possess features that enable hairdressers to achieve precise, clean cuts.    The length, sharpness of the blades, and ergonomic design are all important factors that contribute to the efficiency and comfort of these scissors.    Additionally, hairdressers also utilize thinning scissors and razor-edge scissors for specific techniques.    With the right pair of scissors in hand, hairdressers can work their artistry and create stunning hairstyles for their clients.

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