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Introduction of makeup sponge.

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Many people use makeup sponges when applying makeup. But there are many types of makeup sponges, and they are used in different ways. Some knowledge about makeup sponges introduced in this article hope to help you.

 makeup sponge

Introduction of makeup sponge.

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Introduction of makeup sponge.

For friends who are used to make-up, make-up sponge is an indispensable good helper. Its biggest function is to clean the skin, and evenly push the foundation on the skin, absorb more foundation and correct the details. If you like refreshing makeup, you must have a fanatical love for them. Because it is often used, you will soon feel that the sponge is not strong enough and elastic, and new materials and shapes will appear every once in a while, so you can't help but buy it home and try it when you are shopping.

When you use liquid foundation to apply the nose, corners of the mouth, around the eyes, and hairline, a makeup sponge is the best tool to use. If you use a makeup sponge to rub the blush, the effect is also very good; when making the base color, you can first apply a few base colors on the face, and then wipe it with a makeup sponge; you can also use a makeup sponge to modify the lip color, which can be applied first Apply lipstick with makeup sponge again until the color becomes softer.

Faced with a wide variety of makeup sponges, how to choose? There are mainly the following types of makeup sponges:

1. Fine texture:

There are hardly any gaps on the surface, and it feels smooth to the touch. In addition to washing your face, this sponge also functions as a foundation.

2. Large surface gaps:

This type of sponge has an excellent exfoliating function, but due to its rough surface, it will cause great damage to the skin. It is not suitable to use it frequently, otherwise it will leave terrible sequelae.

3.Dry flat shape:

The surface is flat and thin, and it doesn't look very conspicuous, but it is made of wood pulp and has very good water absorption.

4. Strip shape:

The surface texture is relatively thick, and the water absorption is not as much as that of the dry flat shape, but its advantage is that it is easy to carry out.

No matter which kind of sponge you choose, here is a reminder: Make-up sponges can only be used twice a week. Otherwise, after years of "rubbing", the skin will become rougher.

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